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lisagriy88 > winter cold prevention life tips  13 января 2014 г. 10:31:17

winter cold prevention life tips

wumanli 13 января 2014 г. 10:31:17
 Into the winter, is a cold place period, bring harm to people's health, affect the normal work. Establish a "winter cold prevention life tips" on this one problem, we recommend to learn reference, hope can have certain help to prevent the winter cold.
1, gargling with salt water: daily morning and evening, postprandial gargle with salt water, to remove oral bacteria. More attention should be paid to gargle with salt water, when the flu at this time, look up the salt water gargle fully wash the pharynx is better.
2, the cold bath face: when you wash your face every day with cold water, with a hand holding water nose, with nose gently inhale a little water (note not inhaling too deep so as not to choke with) and then blow out, repeatedly.
3, drink boiling water: the dry autumn and winter weather, the body vulnerable to water shortages, often drink boiling water, can not only ensure the needs of the human body, can also play a diuretic detoxification, elimination of body waste effect.
4, massage the nose hook: to rub hands palm heat, massage Yingxiang (located in the nose hook, flat nose and the outer edge of the midpoint) more than 10 times, can prevent colds and reduce the symptoms of nasal obstruction after a cold.
5, hot water foot bath: every night with hot water (temperature to heat to almost can not stand so far) feet or 15 minutes, should pay attention to not been foot feet of water, foam feet to redness, can prevent a cold.
6, breathing the steam: early cold, into the boiling water in the cup, the hot air to take a deep breath, until the cup the water cool so far, several times a day, can reduce the symptoms of nasal obstruction.
7, eat more "red" food: red food refers to the food is red, orange red or brown red food, such as chili, carrot, pumpkin, onion, tomatoes, hawthorn, red apple, red dates, Hippophae rhamnoides, persimmon, these foods are a common feature is the Han Youfeng rich in beta carotene, can prevent colds.
8, Jiang Tangshui: add this amount of water after boiling add ginger, brown sugar, 10 minutes after the hot drink, can prevent a cold.
9, vinegar fumigation: daily early, late with vinegar in indoor fumigation 1 times, every time 20 minutes, can eliminate indoor virus.
10, the mint oil heating in a fresh egg, and then into the boiling water stir, then hot drink, morning and evening time, very helpful to cure after a cold cough

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lisagriy88 > winter cold prevention life tips  13 января 2014 г. 10:31:17

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